Date nights

Relationships.  How they change completely once you become parents.

It's a completely life changing shift.  Suddenly you (and your partner if you're in a relationship) are responsible for this tiny human.  

It's massive.

Gone are the days of leisurely drinks together, sleep ins in bed, dinners out whenever you get the whim and late nights.

Instead they are replaced by navigating this new found world together, learning as you go and sharing the joy in watching your minis grow and develop.

How do you keep the spark alive?

A friend once described the shift as almost becoming housemates.  You are constantly hustling around the house, getting all the chores done and trying to equally ensure that you can meet each others needs.

I don't think it's easy and I don't think it's something people talk about enough.

Trying to make time to have just by yourselves is so important.  I (still) feel guilty asking family to babysit for us to go out to dinner or have a surf together etc and its hard to explain why.

Having someone offer to look after your littles so you can go out is honestly the greatest gift.  My sister has been an absolute legend with this by offering to look after Isla which took away my guilt I'd have of asking someone and its meant we've actually managed to have a handful of dinners out together which has been brilliant.  

Ask someone and book them in and make that date night happen.  Being able to sit opposite each other, chat and just enjoy your loved ones' company is extra special post kids - you just gotta make it happen!


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