What to expect when you're pregnant

Pregnancy is such a unique experience and every pregnancy is different. 

For some women its an absolutely magical period of time where they feel beautiful, wonderfully connected to their growing human and at their absolute best.

For others they are in a hormonal state of terror with nausea, vomiting, complications, stress and worry.  Do not feel guilty if you identify more with scenario 2.

Everyone's experience is unique and valid.  

For me the first trimester was tough.  Each day I'd wake up feeling incredibly nauseous, quickly scoff some jatz biscuits (not the healthy food I envisioned eating!) and would generally have a spew on my way to work.

From there the day would get better and yet for some reason pregnancy insomnia often left me lying awake at night just daydreaming about what our little girl would be like.

I found the second trimester bliss.  The nausea vanished, a bump appeared and the excitement intensified.  My fitness returned and I really felt "glowing during this period of pregnancy - it was the BEST.

The third trimester seemed to slow down in ways.  The most challenging part was "lightning crotch".  This kicked in around 36 week and would send a literal lightning bolt into my crotch area making my leg give way.  It seemed to always hit in the evenings when we'd be out for a walk - random!

Physically pregnancy had its ups and downs.  Emotionally it was a beautiful in between.  No longer just by myself but accompanied always by this tiny human growing inside who I had yet to meet.  Feeling like my world was about to change completely and yet already had and the intense love I could never have imagined that started as soon as I first heard that heartbeat.

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