What fills your cup?

All us Mums know that life is busy. It's easy for the day to whizz by and realise you haven't yet showered, eaten and your bladder is about to explode. Looking after ourselves is essential to being able to look after our babies. So how do you keep yourself feeling goooood?

For me it's getting outside and moving my body. Each day we wake up somewhere between 4am and 5am (woken by our very cute alarm clock Miss Isla), from there it's straight upstairs to fuel our coffee addiction and then we get out the house for a walk along the beach or a surf. I just love this routine and it sets me up for the day. Being in nature and having some exercise even if its only 10 minutes makes the world of difference and we totally notice that Isla is a happier baby if she spends time outdoors. I've seen so many gorgeous sunrises since becoming a Mum and I love that time of day!! Everything is super still and quiet and as the sun peeks its head over the ocean I immediately feel a beautiful sense of calm (and the double shot coffee first up gives me the energy needed to make it happen!)

What sparks your fire? And how do you fit it into your day? I'd love to hear from you.

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